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Sewer line cameras are very useful tools that help professional plumbers get a better view of the causes of problems within their sewer pipes and plumbing systems. However good this tool may be, it cannot identify all the problems that are occurring within your pipes.

This invaluable plumbing technology has its limitations, so in this article, we will discuss some of the plumbing problems that pipe inspection cameras cannot detect. But first, let’s discuss how these cameras work. Read on!

Can Drain Cameras Identify All Types of Pipe Damage 1

How Exactly Do Pipe Inspection Cameras Work?

The process of using a pipe inspection camera is an easy one. You do not require any special technological skill to operate this tool, but it’s more useful in the hands of a professional plumber. The pipe inspection cameras involve a small camera that is installed on a long cable.

The camera on the cable will then be inserted slowly into the sewage pipes and it will travel slowly through the plumbing system while showing everything that the camera sees on a small screen in the hands of the plumber.

A professional plumber will be examining the video while the camera goes through the pipes through a monitor. This process is a better way to discover plumbing problems than breaking walls and grounds to know exactly where a plumbing problem is coming from.

What Can Drain Cameras See?

There are many things a drain camera can see. With this tool, you can easily spot clogs in the pipes, broken pipes, cracked pipes, tree root intrusions, and collapsed pipes.

A professional plumber can use the drain camera to identify complex problems like rust, sagging, drainage issues, and other hidden problems. Drain cameras are usually non-invasive and when in the right hands can be used to identify plumbing problems without causing problems to your plumbing system.

What Drain Cameras Cannot Always Identify

There are some situations and problems that a drain camera cannot diagnose or identify. Drain cameras are incapable of identifying leaks. Pipe leak location identification is impossible for a drain camera and below are some of the reasons these invaluable tools can’t detect leaks.

  • When there’s a leak, the water is usually coming out of the pipe and unfortunately, the cameras are inside the pipe. This can make it difficult for the camera to properly locate where the leak is happening.
  • Pipe leaks can be a result of different factors such as clogs/blockages, collapses, tree root invasion, and other plumbing problems. The plumbers may try to examine the monitors closely to decipher what’s happening inside the pipe, but leaks can be so subtle that it’s difficult for even high-end plumbing technology to tell where it’s coming from.
  • Cast iron PVC pipes have a high density that makes it difficult for small holes to be visible, so it’s usually difficult to tell where a leak is coming from due to the thickness of the pipes.
Can Drain Cameras Identify All Types of Pipe Damage 2


At Modern Plumbing Group, we have professional plumbers who are experts at our craft. We know how to use drain cameras to identify plumbing problems in your plumbing system. When you need a drain camera inspection, you can rely on us to provide the best plumbing service.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started!

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