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Gas appliances are necessary in every household for providing basic services such as heating, cooking and hot water. However, you need to maintain and inspect them regularly to ensure they’re in the best working condition.

So, how often should you carry out a gas leak detection for your gas appliances? This article will explain everything you need to know about scheduling an inspection for your gas appliances. Continue reading to learn more:

How often should gas appliances be inspected for leaks 1

Importance of Regular Inspections

Gas leaks can be dangerous to you and your household. It poses a risk of explosion, health issues and exposure to carbon monoxide. Carrying out regular inspections can help identify any potential problems before they become serious and ensure your gas appliance works safely and efficiently. By catching leaks early, you can save on repair costs and protect the well-being of your household.

What are the factors that influence how often you should inspect your gas appliances

Several factors affect how often you should inspect your gas appliances. These factors will be explained below:

  • The Age of Your Gas Appliance

Older gas appliances tend to be more prone to wear and tear, increasing the chances of leaks. If your gas appliance is above ten years old, you need to inspect it more often, like every six months to ensure they’re safe for use.

  • Usage Levels

If you use your gas appliances regularly, then you should inspect them regularly too. A gas stove used for cooking may need more inspection than a gas fireplace that’s hardly used.

  • Signs of Problems

If you notice any signs of problems such as hissing sounds near gas lines, or a sudden increase in gas bills, you should inspect your gas appliances immediately. These signs often mean there’s a leak or another problem you need to fix immediately.

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Always revisit the manufacturer’s guidelines before carrying out any maintenance on your gas appliance. Some gas appliances may have specific recommendations for inspection, and doing the inspection differently may affect the performance and safety of your gas appliances.

Professional Inspections or DIY Checks, Which Is Better?

While it is necessary to carry out an annual inspection on your gas appliances, it’s also important to learn how to perform regular checks and inspections yourself. You can do these checks monthly and it’s not usually that hard. It mostly involves checking for damaged hoses, loose connections or unusual smells. However, individual checkers shouldn’t be a replacement for professional inspections which involve more technical evaluations.

For professional inspections, you should hire a certified professional who has the expertise, skills and tools to detect leaks and fix the problem immediately. They can also perform necessary maintenance tasks such as checking pressure levels.


Carrying out regular inspections for your gas appliances is important to ensure efficiency and safety. It is recommended that you carry out an annual professional inspection of your gas appliances. Considering the factors explained in this article, you can determine how frequently you should carry out checks and inspections in your home.

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