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Gas leaks are dangerous both to your health and your safety. Though gas is very useful in our daily lives, it can pose a serious threat and risk to our lives if left undetected or badly handled.

Without further ado, this article will explain some of the best ways to detect a gas leak. Continue reading to know more about gas leak detection and protect your home.

How to detect a gas leak in your home 1

How to detect a gas leak

  1. Install a gas leak detector

You can detect a gas leak by installing a gas leak detector in every sleeping area in your home. This equipment can detect carbon monoxide and can also detect other harmful substances like propane and radon.

In the absence of a proper gas leak detector, you can try the homemade method where you mix a teaspoon of soap in a cup of water and pour it over where you think there might be a gas leak and observe where bubbles show up. This last resort shouldn’t replace a gas leak detector in your home.

  1. The smell of rotten eggs

Gas companies add odorants during processing because gas in its natural state has no odor. This odorant helps customers know when there’s a gas leak because it smells like rotten eggs. Whenever you perceive the odor of rotten eggs in your home, there’s a probability you have a gas leak.

  1. Listen for hissing sounds

Gas leaks in pipes may produce hissing sounds. When it comes to this, the gas leak is usually a large one and should be checked immediately by a professional. You should check your gas appliances once every month to prevent this situation.

  1. Notice dead or dying plants

Natural gas is capable of killing a plant’s root by preventing it from absorbing oxygen. You can tell there’s a gas leak in your home when you observe loose leaves on trees, wilting flowers, yellowish patches of grass, and drooping stalks.

  1. Pay attention to physical symptoms

Certain physical symptoms indicate that you may be dealing with a gas leak. These symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and irregular breathing.

Exposure to gas leaks for a long period can lead to natural gas poisoning which can ultimately lead to memory loss and death. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional or get medical attention when you’re experiencing symptoms of gas exposure.

How to detect a gas leak in your home 2


If you’re unable to find the source of a gas leak or the gas leak is getting out of hand, the next best step is to call a professional plumber to check out your gas pipes. When a professional plumber is involved, the consequences of a full-blown gas leak can be stopped.

A professional plumber has the skill and expertise to arrest gas leak situations and nip them in the bud. Knowing how to detect gas leaks will protect your health and prevent a disaster from happening. At Modern Plumbing Group, we are experienced in providing the best gas leak detection service and fixing gas pipe issues.

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