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The plumbing industry is constantly evolving through innovative technologies. Therefore, there are new plumbing trends that are here to improve the plumbing experience in your home. This article will explore five new plumbing trends for home renovations that you should watch out for. Continue reading to learn more:

  • Smart Home Plumbing Systems

Smart home technology has become quite popular for a while now and now we can see the rise of smart home plumbing systems. These intelligent plumbing systems are designed to detect leaks, monitor water usage and adjust heater temperatures. And fun fact is all of these functions can be operated from the comfort of a smartphone app. This technology will improve your convenience as a homeowner and help in preserving water and energy consumption.

What are the latest trends in plumbing for home renovations 1
  • Water-Efficient Plumbing Appliances and Fixtures

The plumbing industry has been focusing on sustainability which has now become a plumbing trend. Many water-efficient plumbing appliances and fixtures will become more popular within new home renovation projects, including smart faucets, low-flow toilets, energy-efficient water heaters and a lot more.

These water-saving innovations help homeowners to reduce their overall water consumption which helps to cut down monthly utility bills.

  • Greywater Recycling Systems

Another plumbing trend within the plumbing industry is greywater recycling which is related to preserving water. This year, more homeowners will likely invest in greywater recycling systems. These systems are highly efficient because they help homeowners save on utility bills by making it possible for them to reuse their sink and shower water for other purposes like lawn irrigation.

  • Pipe Health Monitoring Technology

This is another plumbing trend that’s becoming popular in 2024. Pipe health monitoring features sensors that help homeowners to assess the conditions of their pipes which ensures they’re able to discover potential plumbing issues and fix them before they escalate into bigger problems. Although the plumbing system in a newly renovated home may not require immediate repairs, monitoring technology can prove to be useful in the future as it helps homeowners be more aware of the condition of the plumbing systems.

  • Hydrogen Water Heating Systems

Hydrogen water heating systems are another plumbing trend that is fast becoming popular. These systems make use of hydrogen power to produce the required heat to warm up a property’s water supply which serves as a better eco-friendly alternative when compared to conventional water heaters.

This system will go a long way in ensuring that homeowners reduce their carbon footprints.

What are the latest trends in plumbing for home renovations 2


The plumbing industry may be evolving but there’s a need for homeowners to look forward to more plumbing trends even in 2024. These plumbing trends will focus on innovation, efficiency and sustainability. When embarking on a home renovation project, you need to stay informed about these trends so you can know how to incorporate them into your plans.

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