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Gas leaks occur from time to time, and it may not necessarily be the fault of the house owners. It may be due to a crack in the gas line or pipe or a small leak. And unfortunately, some homeowners never know about the gas leak until the situation gets worse.

How do you know there’s a gas leak in your home? One common sign of a gas leak is a strong sulfur smell, other signs include bubbles in your water, dead houseplants, a hissing sound near the gas line, or visible damage to your gas line.

This article will explore some things you need to do whenever you suspect a gas leak in your home. Continue reading to learn more:

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What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak

Whenever you notice any signs of gas leaks, or you’re beginning to experience symptoms of gas leaks like dizziness, lightheadedness, eye or throat irritation, nausea nosebleeds, don’t hesitate to take these steps to ensure your safety and that of your family.

  1. Evacuate Your Home Immediately

The moment you suspect a gas leak is when you should leave. Don’t wait, even for a little while. You should prioritize your safety and your health. Don’t try to second guess yourself and see if the situation will eventually get better. Evacuate your house first, and if there’s no gas leak, then you’re safe either way. Even a minor leak can cause you to experience symptoms of a gas leak or even lead to fires and explosions, so evacuating your house should be your first course of action.

  1. Stop Using Electrical Devices

As you know, gas is highly flammable and when there’s a gas leak, you run the risk of a gas explosion if you use your electrical devices. A little spark from your phone or any electrical devices in your home can set the whole house ablaze.

So what do you do?

Don’t touch or use any electrical devices once you notice there’s a gas leak. Leave all devices as they are as you aim to minimize the risk of a spark and evening switching off an electrical appliance can cause a spark. Hence, your best option is to leave all devices as they are and evacuate your house.

  1. Leave Your Doors Open

As you evacuate your home, leave the doors and windows open. The reason for this is to let out some of the gas in the house which helps to reduce the risk of a gas leak in your home. This is a safety rule of thumb that may mitigate a full-blown explosion in your home.

  1. Call Your Gas Company

Once you’ve evacuated your building successfully, call the gas company or alert the fire department in your area. These teams can cooperate to inspect your house and shut off your gas line. They’ll inspect your home and ensure everything is safe before permitting you to access your home.

  1. Call a Professional Gas Leak Plumber

After your gas company has carried out a gas leak inspection, you need to contact a professional gas leak plumber to access your current gas line and pipes and ensure your gas line is safe to run again. Also, a gas leak can carry out gas leak detection and nip any gas leak in the bud.

What should you do immediately if you suspect a gas leak 2


Whenever you notice a gas leak in your home, remember your safety comes first. Evacuate your home and contact a professional gas leak plumber like us at Modern Plumbing Group.

We specialize in dealing with gas leak detection and fixing broken gas lines. Your safety is our priority and we ensure to arrive in time for emergencies such as gas leaks.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and we can help you!

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