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CCTV Inpsections Melbourne

Get to the Root of the Problem With Our Drain Camera Inspection Service
Drain camera inspections are a game-changer in the world of plumbing diagnostics. Our state-of-the-art cameras allow us to delve deep into your plumbing system, uncovering hidden issues that could lead to significant disruptions. We can detect blockages, cracks, and other potential problems with pinpoint accuracy by employing advanced technology.

At Modern Plumbing Group, we pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to conduct thorough drain camera inspections, ensuring the optimal performance of your plumbing system.

What is a Drain Camera Inspection or CCTV Drain Inspection?

A drain camera inspection is an excellent way to see what’s happening inside your pipes without any guesswork. It’s when professionals use a special camera attached to a long, flexible cable to snoop around your drains and check out any blockages or damage. This inspection helps them figure out the best way to fix the issues and keeps your plumbing in tip-top shape!

Is This Worth Using A Plumbing Camera Inspection Service in Melbourne?

Using Drain Camera Inspection Service is a smart move. It allows you to maintain the health of your plumbing system, avoid potential problems, and ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation of your pipes. Take advantage of this advanced plumbing technology to ensure your plumbing system’s longevity and optimal performance.

  • Accurate Diagnoses: This inspection provides a clear and precise view of the inside of your pipes, allowing plumbers to identify even the most hidden issues. This inspection ensures that the root cause of the problem is correctly diagnosed, leading to more effective solutions.
  • Preventive Maintenance: By catching plumbing issues early on, This inspection will help prevent minor problems from turning into major disasters. Addressing issues promptly can save you from costly repairs and potential water damage in the long run.
  • Cost-Effective: Investing in drain camera inspections can be cost-effective, as it helps avoid unnecessary and speculative repairs. You can address specific problems based on concrete evidence, saving you money on guesswork repairs.
  • Time-Saving: This investigation streamlines the diagnostic process, saving time on troubleshooting and avoiding unnecessary digging or exploratory work. This means a quicker resolution of plumbing issues and less disruption to your daily routine.

What We Detect Through CCTV Camera Inspection

Tree Root Intrusions

With drain camera inspections, one of the top things we uncover is those cheeky tree roots causing chaos in your pipes. Those roots love to sneak their way into your plumbing, causing blockages and all sorts of headaches. But don’t worry; we’ll spot those rascals and eliminate them in no time.

Buildup of Debris, Grease, or Scale

Sometimes your pipes can accumulate all sorts of gunk like debris, grease, or scale. It’s like a party for clogs and blockages! But with our trusty drain cameras, we’ll spot those buildups and blast them away with our cleaning techniques. Your drains will be flowing smoother than a ripper wave at the beach!

Cracked or Collapsed Pipes

Another common issue we find during the inspections is cracked or collapsed pipes. It happens, especially with older plumbing systems or if there’s been some severe pressure on the lines. But fear not! We’ll catch those cracks early on and sort them out before they turn into major leaks or pipe disasters.

Pipe Misalignments or Offsets

Sometimes, pipes get a bit wonky. They might become misaligned or offset, causing water to go all wonky too. But don’t worry; we have a keen eye for spotting these pipe shenanigans during our inspections. We’ll straighten them out and make sure your water flows in the right direction—no more weird twists and turns!

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Our 4 Step CCTV Inspection Process

1. Initial Assessment and Consultation

First things first, When you reach out to us for a drain camera inspection, we’ll start things off with an initial assessment and consultation. We’ll chat about your plumbing concerns and gather all the necessary details. This step helps us tailor the inspection to your specific needs and ensure we’re fully prepared to tackle any issues we might encounter.

2. Preparing for the Inspection

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, we’ll ensure everything’s set for the inspection day. Our friendly team will give you all the deets on what to expect and any necessary preparations. Don’t worry; we’ll keep it hassle-free and straightforward. Just sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us!

3. Identifying Issues and Providing Detailed Reports

We’ll look for any signs of trouble as we conduct the camera inspection. We’ll spot blockages, cracks, tree root intrusions, or any other issues lurking in your pipes. Our experts are trained to identify these problems accurately. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll compile detailed reports, documenting our findings and providing you with a clear picture of what’s going on in your plumbing system.

4. Explaining Findings and Recommendations to Customers

We believe in transparency and keeping you informed every step of the way. After the inspection, our plumbers will sit with you and review the findings. We’ll explain what we discovered, discuss the implications, and provide expert recommendations. Whether it’s a simple fix, a thorough cleaning, or a more extensive repair, we’ll outline the best action to address any issues and keep your plumbing in top shape.

I was initially sceptical about drain camera inspections, but Modern Plumbing Group proved me wrong in the best way possible! Their team was incredibly professional, efficient, and polite throughout the whole process. The inspection revealed a major blockage in my pipes that I had no idea about, and they quickly got to work on fixing it. The plumber took the time to explain everything in clear terms and provided me with options for repairs. I really appreciated their honesty and transparency, as they didn’t try to upsell any unnecessary services. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need of plumbing assistance!


We had a persistent blockage that we needed help to figure out. But when the Modern Plumbing Group came in with their drain camera inspection, they nailed it! It turns out there was a cracked pipe causing the trouble. They fixed it up and explained everything along the way. Thanks, Modern Plumbing Group, for your expertise! Highly recommend them to anyone in Melbourne!


I have dealt with a few plumbing companies in the past, but Modern Plumbing Group truly stands out from the crowd! Their drain camera inspection service was worth every penny. Their drain camera inspection was unlike any I’ve seen before – they left no pipe unexplored! The real heroics came when they detected a hidden tree root invasion causing multiple blockages. They swiftly got to work and resolved the issue without any fuss. It’s been months since the inspection, and my plumbing has been running smoothly ever since. I can’t thank Modern Plumbing Group enough for their incredible service and dedication. If you’re facing any plumbing woes, don’t hesitate to give them a call – they are true professionals who genuinely care about their customers!