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Drain Camera Inspection

How does a drain camera inspection work

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One of the worst parts of maintenance and repair in the house is sewer repair. Repairing your sewer or drain opens room for too many inconveniences. You’d be paying for repair and your beautiful yard will be dug up to get the repair done. Digging up sewer pipes is known as trenching but you don’t have to go through this route for your sewer repair anymore.

These days, due to technological advancement, there’s the invention of the sewer inspection camera. With the aid of this sewer inspection camera, drain inspection has become easier.

How does a drain camera inspection work

What Type of Camera is Used to Inspect Sewer Lines?

The type of camera used for sewer inspection is called a sewer inspection camera or a sewer pipe camera. It is a tiny flexible camera which is built to be passed into sewer lines and pipes to study and observe the state of these pipes from within.

These cameras are designed to be snaked into either huge pipes or tight drains. Sewer cameras are used to identify even the slightest problems with pipes passed beneath the ground or buildings. Hence, professional sewer plumbers do not need to dig up the ground to identify problems in the pipes.

Most Common Types of Sewer Problems

Even though they’re hidden, sewer pipes are still prone to damage. Below are some of the most common types of sewer problem:

  1. Broken-off tree roots

Fallen trees could affect your pipes in the ground. When a tree falls on your sewer line, it may result in damage to your sewer or pipe lines.

  1. Pipe problems

Your pipes could shift or break in the ground because of the condition of the soil in your yard. Your pipes may end up getting cracks, broken or misaligned.

  1. Blockage

Blockages happen when different items like leaves or grease gets stuck in the pipes or sewer lines thereby restricting the proper flow of water.

  1. Bellied pipes or leaking joints

Bellied pipes happen when a part of the pipe is pressed into itself, allowing waste and other debris to gather.

How does drain/sewer camera inspection work?

A sewer pipe camera is attached to the end of a flexible rod to be able to see inside pipes and sewer lines. A professional plumber inserts the camera into the pipes to check and inspect any likely problems. Using a flexible rod allows the camera to adjust to every bend and turn in the sewer pipes. This method is used to navigate basic and traditional sewer lines.

For more complicated sewer lines, the camera is connected to a pipeline inspection gauge (PIG); a cylindrical mechanical body that allows the free movement of the camera in the sewer lines. PIG can also be used for other functions like pipe and sewer line maintenance. The PIG equipment also has lighting features to provide clearer images of the insides of the pipes. The images are being projected on a screen connected to the PIG by a waterproof line.

These cameras are used to find the exact problems in the sewer lines. However, these cameras are not used to fix plumbing issues but they play a major role in plumbing repair.

How does a drain camera inspection work2


With the invention of sewer inspection cameras, you don’t have to worry about plumbing causing damage to your yard or building to identify plumbing problems. Drain camera inspection is the most effective and efficient way to identify plumbing problems but it’s best handled by a professional. A professional plumber is able to utilize the sewer cameras alongside other plumbing equipment to identify and fix any type of sewer problems.

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