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The importance of hot water in the home cannot be overemphasized. We need hot water for different purposes including cooking, bathing, and cleaning, this makes the presence of the water heater appliance in the home very essential.

Most homeowners don’t recognize the importance of a water heater in the home until it develops a fault or cannot be used anymore. But you don’t have to wait till your hot water system stops working before you know it needs a replacement.

This article will explore some of the signs to know that your hot water system requires replacement.

What are the signs of an aging hot water system in need of replacement 1

5 signs your hot water system needs replacing

  1. Aging

Like every other thing, your water heater has a lifespan, it’s not everlasting. Usually, a water heater is expected to have a lifespan of about 8-12 years, depending on how well it has been used and maintained. Other factors also determine the lifespan of your water heater such as the type of water you use.

You need to be aware of when you bought your water heater and how long you’ve been using it to have an idea of when it needs to be replaced. If you’ve been using it for more than a decade then you mustn’t wait till it breaks down completely before you replace it.

  1. A Leaking Tank

If you notice a leak/leak around your water, this is a visible sign that your water heater needs replacement. There’s no way you can fix a leaking tank and trying to manage the situation will only make matters worse. However, you can observe the origin of the leak, if it’s from the valves, you can consider a repair but leaks from the tank itself mean you need a replacement.

  1. Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion inside the water tank ultimately signify the end of the lifespan of your water heater. When you notice rust in the water, it means your water heater has worn out and requires immediate replacement. Also, the rust coming from the tank can affect other appliances in the home, it can also damage the entire plumbing system. Therefore, don’t hesitate to replace your water heater when you notice rust and corrosion before it causes bigger problems.

  1. Noise from the Tank

When using your water heater and you start hearing rumbling and banging noises, this is a sign that your water heater unit is wearing off and is coming to the end of its lifespan.

The cause of the noise could be the accumulation of sediment around the heater while it gets heated. Continuous rumbling might lead to a leak which keeps you at a risk of flooding.

  1. Frequent Repairs

Repairing your hot water system often is an indication that the system is already wearing out. Wear-outs are possible when the water heater is approaching the end of its life span. Repairs can only do so much when the water heater system starts wearing out, the only permanent solution is replacing it.

What are the signs of an aging hot water system in need of replacement 2


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