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What to check when hot water is not working

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In most houses, hot water is an essential commodity; it’s used for almost every activity including washing dishes, doing laundry, and even making coffee. So when your hot water isn’t working, immediate actions should be taken to fix the issue and get it running again.

A hot water service consists of a storage tank that contains a heating element that turns cold water into heated water and stores the heated water for use. When your hot water isn’t working, you must resolve the issue as fast as possible. You don’t necessarily have to call a professional before getting it fixed.

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Common Problems: What to Check When There’s No Hot Water

  1. The water heater tripped the circuit breaker

The occasional fluctuations in the power supply can trip the circuit breaker in your home appliances including your water heater. Go to your electrical panel and see if the circuit breaker in your water heater needs to be reset.

  1. Your water heater’s fuel supply has been shut off

If your hot water isn’t working, there’s a chance someone might have closed the gas valve. Your water heater cannot function without gas hence you need to ensure the valve is open. If you notice there’s a gas leak, you should evacuate your home immediately and call a professional to repair your gas line.

  1. The water heater’s pilot light is out

These days, water heaters are not designed with pilot lights; however, pilot lights can be found in older gas water heaters. To relight the pilot light, you can check the manual that’s usually pasted on the side of the water heater tank or check online instructions from the manufacturer. If you’re having a hard time relighting the pilot light, you can hire a plumber to resolve the issue.

  1. There’s a problem with the water heater’s burner

Sometimes, your hot water may stop working because the burners fail to ignite. When faced with this issue, the guy should hire a trained professional to fix the issue but there are things you could try to possibly resolve the issue. You can try these steps:

  • First, wait for the burner to turn off and once it’s off, you can set your water heater’s thermostat to 120°F.
  • Turn on the hot water in a faucet and let the water run for a minute or more while you keep observing the burner.
  • Observe the burner to see if it ignites and if it does, you can adjust the temperature while the water runs. However, you must ensure the temperature isn’t higher than 120°F to avoid burns.
  • If your burner fails to ignite, then it’s best to hire a trainer professional to repair it.
  1. The water heater’s capacity is too small.

A small storage tank might be the reason you keep running out of hot water in your home. The best way to fix this issue is to take breaks in between use. After using the water in the tank, wait a bit for it to fill up again before turning on the taps. The permanent solution to this is to get a bigger storage tank or switch to an on-demand water heater.

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If your hot water stops working, you can try the tips explored in this article. And if you’re unable to resolve it, you can hire a professional plumber to resolve the issue. At Modern Plumbing Group, we specialize in water heater inspections, maintenance, installation, and replacement. We ensure to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve your hot water problem.

Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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